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M/s D L Chandra has a process for understanding a new technology or business process, which includes internal reviews, consulting with its experts in the domain, by attending technology conferences, implementing small internal solutions and so on.

M/s D L Chandra has been providing its services using the following technologies:.

Internet/Intranet/Extranet Solutions based JAVA,J2EE,JSP, XML, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, and PERL,pythan and so on for developing e-commerce, business-to-business collaboration and office automation solutions.

Database Solutions using Microsoft SQL server, Oracle My SQL, Sybase and so on, for providing solutions for data storage, data mining, data warehouse solutions and client-server backend support.

SEO optimization, Search Engine Ranking, Keyword Search, Meta tage Optimization, Content Optimization..

logically structured Application Development.

Course content that use practical examples, case studies, simulations and graphic representations.

Combinations of various instructional strategies and objectives.

Possibility of practicing with suitable feedback.

Evaluation after confirm progress .

Student feedback to course creator.

Our Skills

We offer following tool for our Online LMS.



Core PHP


Social Media API